Your Partner For Life

For adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, we are truly a partner for life.

Because we believe that life is sacred, HighPointe enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through our commitment to comfort, joy, and achievement. Our supreme commitment is to provide services of the highest quality, inspiring people with disabilities and their families to dream and achieve as they Pursue Personal Growth.

“I am so proud of the HighPointe staff. They bring an incredible variety of skills and expertise. They are knowledgeable and competent. But, the thing I love the most is how deeply every member of our staff cares for our clients. Our clients really are the reason that each of us gets out of bed every day. They are the reason we show up to work excited to begin another day.” – Ken Ziel, Founder and CEO

For adults with disabilities, pursuing personal growth and creating a meaningful life is not only challenging, it’s often not even a priority. At HighPointe, it’s the priority. The opportunity to pursue personal growth is the reason for every program and opportunity we offer.

We believe that the needs, interests, goals, and desires of our clients are predicated first by their humanity not their disability. Our clients want to grow, learn, and experience new things. So do we. So do you.

About HighPointe

HighPointe is not just another day care provider. We are a community of people who are invested in living the best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities. We offer multiple program options to choose from, dependent upon the specific needs of the individual. The core of everything we offer at HighPointe is the belief that everyone, regardless of ability, is a person and as such deserves the same respect as everyone else.

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Meet Our Family

We are committed to maintaining quality staff members who are knowledgeable and competent, with a variety of skills and areas of expertise. But, the true strength of the HighPointe staff is how deeply they care for and respect our clients.

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