We’re Challenging the Way Things Have Always Been Done

Our Vision: Pursue Personal Growth

At HighPointe we are focused on empowering our clients, not just helping them. Each client, along with his or her support team, undertakes a detailed interview and series of assessments to gain a deeper understanding of their unique needs and how our program can be adapted to meet those needs. The final product is a Personal Growth Plan which will direct our services and enable the effective development of our client's ability. 

Our business has undergone an incredible transformation since we began in 2011. Built on a foundation of great service and great employees with a passion for serving our clients, our vision is to expand our outreach to 10 program locations by 2025. In addition to our new program locations HighPointe will launch the HighPointe Academy, HighPointe Enterprises, and HighPointe Community Center programs that will provide enhanced lifelong services to our clients.

We seek to become a leading provider of essential services that empower our clients to successfully pursue personal growth.

HighPointe Team

We’re challenging the way things have always been done. We’re thinking differently about how we hire, develop and retain talented employees. We’re opening the doors to innovation, to introduce new services to serve our clients. We’re finding better ways to provide outstanding service and client support.

And as we do, we’ll create a better experience for our clients and our employees.

Our Values

HighPointe is a values-based organization. Our philosophy is expressed in the four HighPointe Objectives.

  • Honor God in All We Do:
    Do the right thing. Treat each person with dignity and respect. Respect each person’s spirituality.
  • Excel with Clients:
    Serve others as we would be served. Make it easy for the client. Stand behind our service.
  • Help Employees Develop:
    Help people to do their best every day. Build proud, dynamic teams. Help people reach their goals.
  • Grow Responsibly:
    Act as good stewards of our financial resources. Constantly improve and innovate. Meet our commitments.