Meet Our Family

“This was, by far, the best investment we have made in our CES dollars in years. The service you provided for Haley this summer was a Godsend. We are very thankful to all the staff and everyone involved for giving our daughter so many wonderful opportunities. Please pass along to the Ziel’s that their vision for this program and this center are right on the money. ” – Cindy F.

We are a community of people who are invested in living the best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities. Meet the team that helps make the good work of HighPointe possible.


Chris Vasquez, Denver Area Director

Chris joined HighPointe in June 2017. He has been a successful business owner, having operated and sold several companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. A native of Colorado, Chris has invested a great deal of his time working on behalf of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has been involved with both private businesses and public communities over the last 20 years after serving in the Air Force. 

Chris, along with his wife Carrie, have been avid supporters of individuals with disabilities since their daughter Nicole was born with an early stage brain malformation diagnosed. His daughter, now 25 years of age and dependent upon a wheelchair and fulltime caregiver support, has been his heart’s passion and continues to motivate him to help create and foster environments for the disabled community to ensure there are resources and opportunities for them to thrive. If he is not working with the local school district to ensure the Regional Transportation District did not remove the RTD Access-a-Ride program for the disabled students, then you will find him volunteering at the Adult Day Facility where his daughter attends in addition to supporting various fundraising and organized charity events. 

Ken Ziel, CEO

Since 1990, when his son Austin was born with very involved development delays and physical disabilities, Ken has committed his life to finding better ways of serving individuals with involved care needs.

Over the past decade, Ken has developed and launched three companies providing services to the developmentally disabled community. In 2003, Ken and his wife Kim founded HighPointe Services as an organization providing a wide variety of direct support programs for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.

Ken has served on the boards of six different developmental disability and health care service organizations. He also serves on a grant committee approving grants to agencies providing services to the developmentally disabled population. He is a graduate of Denver Seminary and spent several years working in China and Indonesia with Christian mission organizations focusing on program development. Ken started his career in accounting and finance working for two international accounting and consulting firms as well serving as CFO for several early stage companies.

Tom Rose, Family Voices Executive Director

Tom joined HighPointe in July 2014 when Family Voices became a division of the organization. Tom has been the Executive Director of Family Voices since June 2012.

Mr. Rose is responsible for all organizational activities, including the Family-to-Family Health Information Center in Colorado, four hospital based Family Navigators who provide support for more than 5,000 families each year, all policy and advocacy activities, and current state planning efforts for the integration of services for children and youth with special health care needs. Family Voices Colorado is the Family Voices State Affiliate Organization in Colorado.

Tom has more than 25 years of leadership experience in management positions for healthcare-related service organizations. Mr. Rose also has a background working in the fields of mental health and neurology, and early in his career served on the management team responsible for more than 15 mental health facilities spread throughout six western states.

Mr. Rose currently serves on more than a dozen Colorado boards, commissions, task forces, and committees focused on healthcare for children with special health care needs and their families. Mr. Rose is focused on improving access to services for families who have family member with special healthcare needs, promoting efforts to advance family and person centered care for families, and addressing health policies which create barriers for accessing healthcare.

Program Managers:

Alex Hawthorne, Centennial Program Manager

Alex joined HighPointe in January 2017 after serving as an Assistant Supervisor for a large day habilitation program in New York. He brings a strong managerial background to his position. 

Christina Bremer, Fort Collins Program Manager

Christina joined HighPointe in May 2016. She graduated in 2012 with a degree in Rehabilitation Services with a concentration in developmental disabilities and behavior. Christina has worked as a coordinator of residential services, case manager for home-based services and as a Director of a memory care unit. She is certified as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Kim Ziel, Program Design Manager

Kim is the co-founder of HighPointe Services. She earned a degree in Early Elementary Education from Metro State University. Kim has extensive experience in early education and has worked in some pretty interesting locations. She started a one room elementary school for international students in China in 1986 where she taught children from Europe and the United States. She also taught 1st Grade students at a missionary school in Irian Jaya, Indonesia in 1987.

Kim worked for Adams Camp for three years providing support to families during their time at the city and mountain camps. From 2004 - 2010 Kim was the Program Director for Exceptional Kids where she was responsible for developing the monthly program curriculum, directing the program managers for the club programs, training volunteers, as well as managing the Centennial, Colorado club.

Sandy Polizzotto, Academy Director

Sandy has always had a heart for teaching and began at a very early age teaching during high school and college. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education and Master Fine Arts in Choreography/Dance. Sandy began her career writing training material while in graduate school. She was the Director of Training for a restaurant company for 13 years and was a Special Education teacher for 10 years.

Sandy is married and has two children, one with intellectual disabilities. After years of learning how to navigate through the disability community, she decided to combine her corporate and educational experience to pursue her passion of working with children/adults with disabilities to help them reach their greatest potential and to be as independent as possible.

Through the years Sandy has participated with many organizations in training and education. She has coached Special Olympics, served as Chair and Mentor for the Douglas County Special Education Advisory Committee, and currently serves as the Co-Chair on the Family Support Council at Developmental Pathways.

Tim Baker, Centennial Program Manager

Tim joined HighPointe in August 2012. He studied at Colorado State University. He is a Certified Nursing Assistant.   He has served in extensive business and leadership positions. Tim has a nephew with developmental disabilities.

Program Assistant Managers:

Administrative Managers: