Outdoor Expeditions for People of All Abilities

Exceptional Expeditions is an outdoor adventure program established to provide meaningful and fun expeditions for individuals with a variety of abilities. We identify expedition locations that provide a challenge to our participants, will enable them to enjoy the wonderful outdoors, and provide the opportunity to develop new and lasting friendships.

Our expeditions are more than just a walk around nature; they are an adventure that will raise your spirits, sooth your soul and restore your strength. We plan our expeditions to provide a challenge physically and mentally so that you leave with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

Every expedition is well planned, appropriately staffed and safe for all participants.

A typical expedition includes six (6) participants accompanied by two trained outdoor guides and one “Guide-in-Training” who will provide assistance as directed by the guides. All expedition guides are checked out thoroughly, including background checks, to ensure they have the requisite skills and ability to work with the individuals with physical support needs and developmental delays in an outdoor setting.

Like so many of our experiences in life, we do not go it alone. Our expeditions are no different. By sharing the challenges that the expedition provides, participants develop a bond that’s deeper than a friendship. It’s true fellowship.

In addition, safety standards have been established that will ensure the highest degree of protection from injury. Participants are provided a detailed itinerary before each trip so that they can prepare for the expedition. Upon successful completion each participant is given an expedition certificate and a t-shirt commemorating the experience.

Exceptional Expeditions is all about access, inclusion, and opportunity. We believe exploration of the natural world benefits everyone, and we act on that belief. We operate in a manner that facilitates full participation by everyone, including people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

HighPointe Exceptional Expeditions Schedule

The 2018 schedule is being finalized. Check back soon.

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For more information about trips and to obtain an application form, contact Ken by phone at 303-221-3222 or by email at ken@highpointecenters.org.