Vocational Training Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Overview of HighPointe Enterprises

HighPointe Enterprises is an initiative of HighPointe Services, a Colorado-based 501 (c) 3non-profit organization established to provide programs enabling individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain greater independence and self-sufficiency.

Businesses creating positive impact

HighPointe Enterprises provides entrepreneurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities in-depth business development support, access to mentors, investors, and a local community of peers.

The Need:

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience an extremely high level of unemployment with some estimates as high at 85%. When these individuals have the opportunity to work wonderful things take place:
  • They become more engaged in their world
  • Their lives gain greater purpose
  • There is a reduced public cost to support them
  • They become more self-sufficient

The Solution:

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are capable of providing real economic value to their employers and their communities. Like most typical employees and entrepreneurs, it is important that proper mentoring, support and training take place in order to reach optimal effectiveness.

HighPointe Enterprises has developed a personalized evaluation and training program designed to provide our clients with the skills to be successful. We offer three main areas of employment development that our clients can access:
  • Micro-Businesses
  • Apprenticeships
  • Community Support Programs

Our Impact

Our ultimate goal is to provide more prosperous, sustainable, and entrepreneurial job opportunities for our clients. The core of our work is focused on helping out clients, but we realize that more important than any one client is building an enabling environment that helps all our clients to reach their potential.

We focus on solving four key challenges – all of which must be addressed creatively in order to achieve lasting change in our client’s lives.

1. Individual:

  • Identify the client’s best positioned to become successful.
  • Help them to become successful business and community members and to reach their potential as role models.

2. Community:

  • Strengthen and leverage the hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and partners within the HighPointe Enterprises who are focused on using business to create social change.
  • Work to grow and guide this network based on our core values of agency, empathy, curiosity, and perseverance.

3. Business:

  • Provide access to human, social, and financial capital to help our client’s businesses to grow.
  • Provide high-quality, low-cost strategic and financial consulting services to ensure companies can access the resources they need.

4. Economy:

  • Develop a pipeline of clients who can established sustainable businesses and employment opportunities which will inspire and enable a community of intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to become increasingly independent.
  • Reduce the dependence on public funding so those funds can be leveraged to improve services in other social areas of need.

Measuring Impact

Our purpose is to accelerate the creation of positive impact in our community. Therefore, measuring impact is one of the most important ways of determining the degree to which we have accomplished our purpose.

We assess our direct impact based on short-term output indicators, including the number of entrepreneurs served and amount of capital raised, and on long-term indicators including revenue growth and job creation.

HighPointe Network

We believe that the needs, interests, goals, and desires of our clients are predicated first by their humanity not their disability. Our clients want to grow, learn, and experience new things. So do we. So do you.

What we are doing:

The HighPointe Network is a network of individuals and “impact investors” committed to supporting entrepreneurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities to envision, design, create and bring their products and services to market.

HighPointe Network:
HighPointe Network members have great respect for the role entrepreneurs can play to improve human welfare and a strong desire to accelerate entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit in their communities. HighPointe Network members understand that early-stage financial support can be risky and difficult—but that it must be done. Our communities need more people willing to support entrepreneurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities. HighPointe Enterprises members are part of a growing movement of people willing to support these individuals early in their career and are critical partners to HighPointe Enterprises entrepreneurs.

Our Members:
Members range from local companies to individuals and groups, from professionals to individuals just learning about the transformative power of supporting entrepreneurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Why Join:

1. Create an impact
There has never been a better time to finance ventures that are making our community a better place. The number one reason to join the HighPointe Enterprises is to use your capital to create sustainable impact in the areas you care about.

2. Source financing opportunities
HighPointe Enterprises helps you identify individuals who not only desire to create saleable products and services, but benefit directly from their investor’s support and expertise. We serve as a conduit between willing entrepreneurs and willing supporters.

3. Build the movement
Entrepreneurs with intellectual and developmental disabilities need more impact investors. By joining HighPointe Enterprises, you become part of a growing movement of people working to use the tools of finance to catalyze and spread values-based entrepreneurship across your community. There’s a lot of talk about impact investing and not enough action. Members of HighPointe Enterprises get faster and cost-saving information on entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into action.

4. Learn and connect
The best way to learn about impact investing is to finance entrepreneurs. HighPointe Enterprises provides learning opportunities for members of all backgrounds and keeps you up to date on our entrepreneur clients. You also have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests at member receptions. Build your network by meeting other values-based members and finance entrepreneurs together. Actively finance and mentor entrepreneurs, or passively provide financial support and save time, the choice is up to you.

Help us build an organization that can change our community.

There is nothing more critical than unleashing human potential for good and getting capital into the hands of entrepreneurs best poised to turning it into positive impact for society. We believe the power of business can be leveraged to create real, dynamic social and positive environmental change throughout the world.

Innovative entrepreneurs are addressing social, economic, and environmental issues through leveraging the power of small-business development. It’s our mission to find those visionary leaders and amplify their efforts.

We invite you to make a charitable investment (as we like to say), otherwise known as a donation, to help us support impact entrepreneurs.

Become Part of the Journey.

HighPointe Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations to HighPointe Services are tax deductible.

Your contribution will allow us to hire and retain exceptional talent. With your assistance, we will be able to invest in the necessary tools to recruit, select, and empower a generation of intellectually and developmentally disabled entrepreneurs committed to building a better community and developing personal independence.

Donate To HighPointe

Become a Partner

If you are interested in supporting entrepreneurial solutions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we invite you to learn more about how we may be able to partner together. HighPointe Enterprises offers a number of different opportunities to support entrepreneurs who are working to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable economy.

  • Cohort Acceleration: the HighPointe Enterprises Accelerator will be comprised of cohorts of 5-10 entrepreneurs built around:
  • Micro-Businesses
  • Apprenticeships
  • Community Support Programs
    • Accelerate Individual Entrepreneurs: HighPointe Enterprises works with funders to create special prizes and scholarships for entrepreneurs creating impact that aligns with the interests of the funder
    • General Funding: As a 501(c)3 non-profit, HighPointe Enterprises seeks funding for general operations.
    • Other Partners: HighPointe Enterprises is always looking for recruiting partners to refer clients to our program, media partners to share our entrepreneurs’ impact stories, and business partners to contribute knowledge.

    Please contact Ken if you are interested in any of the partnerships opportunities above.