Enrichment Program For Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

We are a community of people invested in living the best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities. That’s why every activity included in our Enrichment Program is designed to help our clients pursue personal growth

“HighPointe is head and shoulders above other programs when it comes to academics and resources. It’s a continuation of development for the clients, offering them life skills and unparalleled opportunities to continue to grow and learn.” – HighPointe parent

The HighPointe Enrichment Program provides learning opportunities designed to enrich participants’ lives in the areas of increased independence, improved interpersonal skills, and enhanced individual abilities. Individuals in this program also have access to continuing education opportunities and vocational training and placement services.

Enrichment Program participants are encouraged to try new activities, discover new potentials, and find increased self-confidence and personal worth through structured lessons, community outings, and volunteer work opportunities.

  • Lessons include wellness and nutrition, movement, sports and leisure, money, communication, self-advocacy, social skills, safety skills, self-determination, news and current events. Community connections include shopping, libraries, community events, and trips to state and local areas of interest.
  • Work opportunities include both volunteer and pre-employment programs designed to increase skills that will directly support future employment endeavors.

Our programs are fully certified by the State of Colorado and overseen by the Departments of Human Services, Public Health and Environment and Vocational Rehabilitation.

If you are the parent or caregiver for a high needs individual, the Foundation Programs might better suit your needs.

Designed to provide early learning and pre-academic support for clients with more intensive daily care support. Activities and outings build a greater sense of independence and social skills including interaction, communication, and cooperative activities among participants.

In this program, our highly qualified, caring staff provides higher levels of support for participants requiring more individualized personal care, mobility, and behavioral assistance. The Program encourages participants to engage with others in small group settings as we participate in fun and educational center- and community-based activities. Read more »