Enrichment Programs For Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

We are a community of people invested in living the best possible life regardless of hardships, challenges and disabilities.

Every activity included in our Enrichment Programs is designed to help clients pursue personal growth. Yes – we provide a safe place for adults with disabilities to go during the day where they will be well cared for by highly qualified, caring staff. But, what truly sets us apart is the variety of opportunities our clients have to engage in meaningful activities that promote growth, accomplishment and increased independence.

“There is a place for everyone in this world, and your place is here... I want every one of our clients to know that they can achieve great things. I want them to feel that HighPointe is a place where they can be challenged to continually learn and grow.” – Ken Ziel, Founder and CEO

Enrichment Program participants are encouraged to try new activities, discover new potentials, and find increased self-confidence and personal worth through structured lessons, community outings, and volunteer work opportunities.