Learning at the HighPointe Academy

HighPointe Academy is a 12-month program designed for early career adults, ages 20-29 who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. This unique program offers individuals a post-secondary opportunity to further their practical living education, pursue personal growth in overcoming independence challenges and become self-reliant in a safe environment.

The ultimate goal of the Academy is to enable individuals to transition into greater and enhanced functional life skills.

Scope of Learning Outcomes

Clients are evaluated for current strengths and needs in what we believe are critical areas of functional life skills:

  • Self-Determination/Advocacy
  • Health and Safety
  • Peer Relationships, Socialization and Social Communication
  • Home Living Skills
  • Community Participation and Personal Finance
  • Transportation
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Career Path and Employment

Personal Growth Plans

The starting point for all clients in the HighPointe Academy is a Personal Growth Plan. Each plan is the result of a 5-step detailed skill and interest assessment that will not only provide a long-term plan for the client’s life plan, but will provide a baseline for skill acquisition.

Progressive Instruction

The HighPointe Academy is designed to provide progressive instruction enabling the clients to gain sustainable skills. The 48-week program is divided into four 12-week sessions, each with a series of lessons and vocational experiences, guiding the clients to sustainable and functional life skills. Instruction progresses from general living and working skills to a more specific and personalized coaching.

All lessons are designed to:

  1. Utilize the best practices of instruction, using a multi-sensory approach.
  2. Focus on what the clients need to know, to understand, do and be what gives purpose and meaning to their lives.
  3. Align WHY the skill needs to be learned, giving a connection or relevance for their lives.

At the completion of each 12-week session outlined below, a detailed assessment is completed to measure the client’s progress. If knowledge deficiencies are noted, the client will receive additional support.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion of intensive functional skill training, the clients will re-evaluate their Personal Growth Plan. Skill mastery will determine life/work “coaching” needs as they progress into the HighPointe Enterprise Program.

Support is provided according to the level of need and faded as skills are mastered. HighPointe is committed to becoming “Partners for Life” and providing a continuum of services that are developmentally appropriate to prepare our clients for greater independence with providing their families and caregivers peace of mind.

We work closely with families, caregivers and community businesses to establish the most effective Personal Growth Plan and provide developmentally appropriate experiences.

If this life changing experience is for you, call Michelle, the Client Services Manager at 303-221-3222. She can learn more about you as well as answer any additional questions you may have.