Being a Client at HighPointe Academy

What's HighPointe Academy Like?

It is challenging, different, fun, life changing and so much more. Sure, it is different than high school, but hey that’s a great thing, right? You get the chance to move on to new things that will only make your life more interesting and enjoyable.

The HighPointe Academy is a place where you will meet new friends, learn new skills and be challenged to become the best you can be. You will take classes for 3 hours per day and then head out to the community to learn job and street skills that will help you get around, gain a job and create a new world for yourself. Don’t worry, we will be there with you to support you when you need a little help. Many of your friends are experiencing this and now it's your turn.

What Will My 20s Be Like?

You are in the coolest period of your life. The 20s are the time you learn about what life is like as an adult. It can be a bit weird, but also very fun. We all go through it so don’t worry. You will make new friends, get a job, perhaps find a boyfriend or girlfriend, and find new skills you never knew you had. The Academy will be there to help you launch your new life.

12 Months Straight? That Seems Like a Long Time.

Yea, it is, but you can do it. Remember, after the 12 months is over, you will be on your way to an amazing new life. All the best things in life take hard work, a belief in yourself, and a sense of excitement about the future.

I Graduated from the Academy- Now What?

Well, now the fun begins. We will help you implement your Personal Growth Plan that you created when you began the Academy. You will enter the HighPointe Enterprises program and begin the search for the ideal job. How fun will it be to get up each morning and head off to something you really enjoy? You are about to find out!